The Perks of Leasing an Office Space in Downtown London

November, 21st, 2017


Being a business owner comes with its own set of unique responsibilities. Not only do you have to manage your business plan, market your products and/or services and find dedicated employees who share in your mission and vision, you also have to find an office space that will meet your unique business needs both now and in the future.

Finding the right office space for your business can be challenging. You need a space that will allow you to run a successful business, but you also need aspace that can be easily accessible to both clients and employees, as well as an atmosphere that will boost morale and generate productivity.

Whether you’re a new business owner looking for your very first office space, or you’ve owned your business for years and are looking for a new place to grow, consider leasing in downtown London. As a hub for fellow business owners, residents, consumers, students and tourists, downtown London is a prime location for any business or firm looking for a new space. Aside from “location, location, location,” downtown London also offers a wide range of perks and amenities you just can’t find in other commercial complexes throughout the city.

Incredible Office Space

 Downtown London is home to some of the best office buildings in the city, including the nationally renowned Talbot Centre. These 20-storey, glass-lined office towers at 140 and 148 Fullarton Street offer professional and functional office spaces with inspiring views of the city. Whether you run a small firm with a handful of employees or a large business, Talbot Centre can accommodate any and all of your needs. With spaces ranging from 1,000 square feet to more than 12,000 square feet, this prime commercial building can provide a unique office space to a wide range of businesses. The best part? The property owner ­­– Summit Properties – will work directly with you to create a functional and comfortable office space for you, your employees and your customers to enjoy.

The building itself sits on 40,000 square feet of retail space, which includes a food court for you, your staff and your clients to enjoy. The building also features 24/7 security, in-house construction and renovation, guaranteed parking on-site or nearby, central energy management systems and zoned environmental controls and a remotely programmable security card entry system.

Prime Location

Located at the corner of Fullarton and Talbot, these buildings are at the heart of the city. A centralized location means your office space will have easy access to parking, public transportation routes and all that downtown London has to offer, including: restaurants, shops, parks and entertainment venues.

Not only will employees have the opportunity to park with ease, and grab their morning coffee on their way into work, but they’ll also be pleasantly delighted by their close proximity to Victoria Park. Just one block away, employees will enjoy having the option to spend their lunch breaks outside in one of London’s best-known green spaces.

Increased Employee Satisfaction

 An accessible location with close proximity to a bustling downtown core and vibrant green spaces will allow for increased satisfaction among your staff. Happiness among employees can boost morale, drive productivity and ultimately, contribute to a thriving and successful business – who knew a great office space could do all of that!

Contact Summit Properties

 If you’re looking for a new office space in the heart of downtown London, contact Summit Properties today. We manage over 700,000 square feet of premium commercial office space in some of London’s best business districts. Not only are our spaces inspiring, available and affordable, our business is built on customer service. That means we manage our own sites to ensure our clients get the assistance they need as quickly as possible, and we work hard to ensure you love our buildings as much as we do. Talk to us today to bring your dream office to life.