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Looking for a 2-bedroom apartment to call home? Our residential buildings offer a variety of 2-bedroom high-rise apartment options, all centrally located in London, Ontario.

Find the perfect space that blends your lifestyle with your budget, because at Summit Living, we believe living well is important!

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  • We Pay All Utilities
  • On-site Staff 24/7
  • A/C Units Available
  • Beautiful Lounge Area
  • Blinds Included on Windows & Patio Doors
  • Gym Facilities
  • Pool Facilities
  • Close to Downtown
  • On-Site Laundry
  • Large Balconies
  • Modern Appliances

* Note: The above amenities are not included with all available buildings. Please inquire with us to learn more.

2-Bedroom Apartments in London, Ontario

700 Horizon

2October21962 ft2$1,230/monthN/A
2November21962 ft2$1,230/monthN/A

Pineridge Place

2AOctober21.51140 ft2$1,420/monthFloorplan
2ANovember21.51140 ft2$1,420/monthFloorplan
2BOctober21.51085 ft2$1,425/monthFloorplan
2BNovember21.51085 ft2$1,450/monthFloorplan
2BDecember21.51085 ft2$1,425/monthFloorplan
2ENovember21.51125 ft2$1,395/monthFloorplan
2FOctober21.51070 ft2$1,425/monthFloorplan

565 Proudfoot Place

2A-Sept 3September21.51150 ft2$1,420/monthFloorplan
2AOctober21.51150 ft2$1,450/monthFloorplan
2ANovember21.51150 ft2$1,450/monthFloorplan
2DNovember21.51460 ft2$1,615/monthFloorplan

535 Proudfoot Place

2A-Sept 11September221269 ft2$1,455/monthFloorplan
2BOctober221212 ft2$1,465/monthFloorplan