WPS ePlan – Disaster Management Solutions

Summit Properties strives to keep our tenants safe however possible. We have engaged WPS Disaster Plan Management in an effort to mitigate any risks for our tenants and stakeholders of Summit Properties.

With over three decades of experience in facility emergency planning and authoring of over four thousand fire and life safety plans, WPS has developed proprietary software solutions specific to the needs of the property management industry. WPS is totally vested in helping building owners and property managers to make their buildings safer and improve overall risk management.

Download the mobile WPS ePlan App to Stay Safe

The following outlines our WPS ePlan system and how to download the mobile WPS ePlan app onto the tenant’s cell phone – the drop-down menu has a COVID-19 Coronavirus steps for precautions and self-isolation:

With the ongoing situation pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is crucial that the WPS system is utilized for not just Fire Safety and Emergency preparedness, but to educate and keep ourselves updated on the required steps outlined on the Mobile app for the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic.

The WPS eplan system will send out an email to your work email to log in and set up your mobile account through the Google Play store or the iPhone App Store:

*Please check your junk mail if you do not receive this email in your inbox and make sure that WPS is marked as a safe email address.

The building eVac Mobile App is now available to download for our registered Tenant Floor Wardens, Deputy Tenant Floor Wardens, Stair Monitors, Floor Searchers, Assistant Monitors through Google Play and App Store. The app login credentials will be the same as used for your ePlan account. Please ensure you take a few minutes to download the app. This will ensure you will always know what to do, where to go, and who to call. See the attached document for additional eVac Mobile App information.

Please ensure you have completed Fire Safety Training, as it is a fire code requirement.

  1. Log in to your ePlan Tenant account
  2. Select Online Training from the navigation bar
  3. Review the required module

Please log in to your ePlan Advantage account or create a password at https://eplanadvantage.com/

Please note:

The WPS ePlan system will require for you to set up a password for logging in. Please record your password in a location you will remember it.

The website to access WPS ePlan on your desktop with your user name and password is: https://eplanadvantage.com/

Please also feel free to familiarize yourself with the online fire safety training through the desktop log in.

Your mobile phone WPS ePlan has a breakdown of various options outside of the COVID-19 Coronavirus procedures/Self Quarantine. Please take some time and look through the various categories.

This application is highly beneficial during any emergency and highlights what needs to be done.

WPS ePlan has a “live support chat” accessible online when you are accessing WPS ePlan on your desktop.

WPS ePlan – Pandemic Outbreak Procedures

Facility Management Procedures


Occupant Procedures

Self Quarantine Procedures