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Our residential buildings offer you a variety of high-rise apartment options. Summit Living has a London address to suit you.

Whether it’s a junior apartment or a three-bedroom family suite, find the perfect space that blends your lifestyle with your budget, because at Summit Living, we believe living well is important.

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Residential Availability

3June311388 ft2$1,575/monthFloorplan
1AAvailable11598 ft2$1,325/month
1BAvailable11729 ft2$1,450/month
2AMay21.51140 ft2$1,470/month
2BAvailable21.51085 ft2$1,450/month
2BJuly21.51085 ft2$1,430/month
2DJune211067 ft2$1,445/month
2DJuly211067 ft2$1,400/month
2FAvailable21.51070 ft2$1,420/month
1AJune11775 ft2$1,330/month
2AMay21.51150 ft2$1,445/month
2AJune21.51150 ft2$1,480/month
2AJuly21.51150 ft2$1,465/month
2BJune21.51200 ft2$1,470/month
2BJuly21.51200 ft2$1,450/month
2DMay21.51460 ft2$1,655/month
2DJune21.51460 ft2$1,655/month
2EMay211120 ft2$1,485/month
2EJune211120 ft2$1,485/month
2EJuly211120 ft2$1,480/month
2FJune211410 ft2$1,550/month
1AAvailable11770 ft2$1,305/month
1CJune11765 ft2$1,310/month
2AAvailable221269 ft2$1,495/month
2AMay221269 ft2$1,480/month
2AJune221269 ft2$1,460/month
2BAvailable221212 ft2$1,470/month
2BJune221212 ft2$1,465/month
2BJuly221212 ft2$1,490/month
2DAvailable221151 ft2$1,480/month
2DMay221151 ft2$1,465/month
2DJuly221151 ft2$1,480/month