How to Design a Workspace that Sparks Innovation and Creativity

December 13, 2022

Functional workspace in an office building

Does your current office encourage employees to give their all when they come to work? Well-designed workspaces have been shown to increase productivity, innovation and creativity. When companies invest in innovative workspaces, they maximize their investment and employee potential. Find out how to design a creative workspace that ensures employees are inspired to bring their best outlooks to your business.

Why Creating a Space That Sparks Creativity Is Important

If you want to support productivity, a well-designed workspace is incredibly important. The modern workplace is evolving. A greater understanding of how the environment affects everything from thought processes to comfort has led business owners to rethink what a workspace looks like. Not only should the office support daily work-related tasks, but it should also be a landscape that makes employees in that space feel confident, comfortable, and connected.

How to Design a Creative Workspace

Re-evaluate Open Concept Designs

Open-concept floor plans in modern offices have grown to be the norm in the last few decades. However, open-concept floor plans may support collaboration but impede innovation. This is because privacy and less distraction can drive innovation and creative thinking. Instead of a fully open floor plan, consider creating a balance between open areas and more private areas reserved for focus and privacy.

Inject Flexibility and Support Free Movement

Having designated spaces for each employee sounds economical and convenient. Every team member gets their own office or workspace, for example, so they are easy to account for daily. However, allowing employees the freedom to move the different areas as they work can be more innovative. And, when employees have this level of flexibility in their workday, they are less likely to take a monotonous approach to daily processes.

Pay Attention to the Visual Details

Visual details can bring a space to life, but they can also spur new ideas. Something like quotes that boost morale or artwork that stimulates creative thinking can be highly valuable additions to the modern creative office. Also, keep in mind, visual clutter can be counteractive in terms of creative thinking. Many people view disorganization as a psychological distraction.

Highlight Collaborative Areas

Areas for collaboration are incredibly valuable to any office. However, stay away from the basic boardroom and consider making collaboration more enticing and friendly. For example, a round table in one area of the office, a few armchairs with tables, or even a corner seating area with a coffee machine can be great for collaborative efforts.

Find Properties That Easily Support Innovative Office Designs

When looking at ways to design an office, you may determine that upgrading to a new commercial space is more feasible. If you are looking for a new commercial property to support your creative workspace needs, be sure to take a look at the listings available at Summit Properties. Contact us today to book a viewing and walkthrough of the offices we have available in London.