How to Choose the Best Office Layout

November 12, 2021

View of employees working in an open-concept office space

Your office layout says more about your business than you may realize. It’s part of your brand identity; not just for your customers or clients but also for your employees.

Office layouts need to meet your objectives including things like accessibility, traffic flow, employee tasks, sound control, and more. Writing down your objectives can help you decide what office layout works best for you.

The Importance of An Office Layout

The right office layout can:

  • Increase productivity 
  • Reflect your organization’s brand philosophy 
  • Create efficient communications among your teams 
  • Enhance teamwork and effective supervision 
  • Guide traffic flow 
  • Control noise levels 
  • Be a great first impression 

Types of Office Layouts

To choose the right office layout it’s important to consider the different types of office layouts available and then decide which type best suits the needs of your organization.

The Co-Working Office Layout

The co-working office layout is generally used by start-ups or by those who are self-employed and need a professional space. These layouts tend to be good for networking, however, there’s more opportunity for distraction in this environment and there’s limited privacy. The flexibility of a co-working office can often outweigh the concerns.

The Traditional Cubicle Office Layout

Created in the 1960s, this three-sided space gives employees more privacy and a sense of ownership over their space. This style tends to be very popular and often the most cost efficient. It can, however, interfere with functional communication among teams as the partition walls create barriers.

The Open Office Layout

This form of office layout has no barrier between workstations, although the area can be sectioned off with clever use of furniture and accessories. It’s a very cost-efficient layout but it can be riddled with distractions and the lack of privacy can make employees uncomfortable. An open office layout is a popular choice for very collaborative workplaces such as creative agencies and tech start-ups.

The Private Office Layout

The private office design creates enclosed spaces. Just as the name suggests, these spaces are private and enclosed right up to the ceiling. Private offices take up a lot of space, can be less cost-efficient but they do allow employees the opportunity for a quiet workspace and a more secure space for confidential conversations.

The Hybrid Office Layout

A popular solution for many organizations is to create a hybrid office layout. This type combines the different features of other styles to create something customized to your needs. This is great for businesses that have a mix of teams who need privacy and teams who are highly collaborative.

Choosing the Best Office Layout is All About Balance

Choosing the best office layout is all about striking a balance between the needs of you, your business, and your employees. Although choosing an office layout can seem daunting, you don’t need to go it alone. The Summit Properties team can assist you in finding the right office space layout for your organization’s needs. Contact us today at (519) 914-2766to get started!