Sunfest’s 30-Year Partnership with Summit Properties

June 26, 2024

Summit Properties has been a proud partner of Sunfest ever since it started.

After a long winter, Sunfest is back to bring light and music to London’s community! Get ready to dance, eat, and enjoy cultural music in Victoria Park this summer from July 4th-7th! For the uninitiated, Sunfest is an annual music festival featuring incredible artists from across the globe. It also showcases more than 200+ exhibitors offering a variety of delicious international cuisine and unique arts and crafts.

Sunfest is easily the city’s most popular summer festival. It’s a vibrant celebration of diversity that Summit Properties has been proud to support for 30 years, ever since the very first festival in 1995.

Our Long-Standing Community Partnership

Summit Properties has been a proud partner of Sunfest ever since it was just a brilliant idea in the mind of Alfredo Caxaj, who founded the festival. Sunfest’s offices, located at 465 Richmond Street, which are managed and sponsored by Summit Properties.

We deeply appreciate the work that Alfredo, Mercedes, and their amazing team have done with Sunfest for the last 30 years. Putting together a music festival featuring so many diverse artists and exhibitors is a labour of love! Their ongoing work continues to be a true gift to the community.

Reflecting Our Values: Diversity and Unity

Sunfest is more than just a music festival. In a divided world, it’s a place where diversity is not only acknowledged but celebrated. Here, people from all over the world and from many different cultures converge to share music, dance, food, art, and community. We believe that connecting over our shared love of music and celebrating our differences helps make our community stronger.

Summit Properties has always supported Sunfest because it reflects our core values. Bringing London together and fostering an environment of community and neighbourhood is what Sunfest is all about, and we couldn’t be prouder to continue our support of this beautiful annual event for years to come.

Join us at the Summit Properties Centre Stage. Explore the Sunfest ’24 Schedule where you can also learn more about the performers.

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