Creating Functional Hybrid Workspaces

January 20, 2023

Hybrid workspace in Summit Properties

In a post-pandemic world, hybrid workspaces are becoming more common than ever before. As you plan new ways for your team to work from both the office and from home, you may be wondering what to consider when designing a hybrid workspace. You want a space that allows y while also taking advantage of the office’s collaborative environment. Thankfully, Summit Properties has a variety of commercial spaces ready to adapt to your needs. 

Decide on Your Office’s Primary Purpose

For a functional hybrid workspace, it’s important to designate what the duties of the office are, as opposed to when employees work from home. Gathering in the office is an opportunity for team members to collaborate, cultivate a positive company culture, and to facilitate client meetings. Decide what the primary functions of your workspace will be and design the space to suit its purpose.

Allow for Flexibility

Establish clear policies that allow for flexibility for your employees, such as when or how often they can work from home versus when they are expected to be in the office. Consider what tasks must be completed in-office and what duties are easily accomplished from home. Gathering feedback from your team can help you gauge when they can work independently versus when they need in-office support.

Make Your Workspace Comfortable and Collaborative

It’s important to ensure that your workspace adapts to work, leisure, and events. Zoning can be a great way of assigning various parts of the office for different purposes, such as a designated area to conduct Zoom calls and another, more open space for company meetings and collaboration.

Comfort is one of the major benefits of working from home. Keep this in mind as you design and furnish your workspace; you want to offer amenities that encourage employees to come into the office. Comfortable sofas, community spaces, and free parking are popular options. Other ideas include tea or coffee service and complimentary meals. 

Invest in New, Improved Technologies

Having the right devices and ensuring that they function correctly is essential to any hybrid workplace. Upgrade communication platforms, video conferencing tools, and hardware like computers and cameras to make sure that when members of your team are working from home, they can easily communicate with those at the office. If your team is having trouble adjusting to using new technology, offering IT assistance and education is paramount to creating a work environment where everyone feels included.

Create a Workspace that Empowers and Inspires with Summit Properties

With 700,000 square feet of premium commercial space, Summit has everything you need to create the perfect hybrid working environment. Our in-house design team can transform any space to suit your needs, with custom layouts designed to inspire your team, and our property managers are always on-site for assistance. Contact us today to speak to one of our leasing specialists and find the perfect workspace for you!