Tips for Getting Back into a ‘Real’ Office

November 16, 2022

Open office with desks and boardroom

Nearly five million Canadians were working remotely during the height of the pandemic, and many are getting ready to go back to the office. It’s essential for companies to ensure returning to the office goes smoothly for their valued employees. Making the switch to working in the office from home may involve some anxiety. Read our tips for getting back into a ‘real’ office provide a more seamless transition.

1: Have a Soft Launch for Returning to the Office

Rather than have everyone come back to the office at the beginning of a workweek, consider a soft launch. Provide a start week rather than a date and allow people to come in when they’re ready. This strategy reduces the stress of having a set deadline. People can pick the day of the week they feel most comfortable commuting to work. Using a larger time frame also avoids overwhelming remote workers who are no longer accustomed to an office with numerous colleagues.

2: Welcome Back Event

Consider announcing that the organization will host a “Back Together Party,” complete with appetizers, beverages, and company-branded swag. Having a party to attend helps accomplish several stress-reduction goals. First, it takes staff members’ minds off negative thoughts by creating some “water cooler” talk about the event. It also provides a positive experience that improves comfort levels going forward. From an employer’s perspective, making team members feel good about returning to the office can help reduce employee losses.

3: Rethink Your Work Environment

Company leaders can anticipate that some people may struggle with seemingly crowded workspaces. After all, the world has been repeatedly told to social distance from each other for years now. Consider changing close cubicle layouts to more spacious settings. For example, one crowded break room can make people feel claustrophobic and anxious. Turn a reasonable number of rooms into lounge areas where staff members can take lunch or coffee breaks. Add plants and select office space with spacious windows and plenty of natural light.

As people adjust from working from home to an office, the efforts made by compassionate employers will not go unnoticed. Remaining open to talk about issues and taking proactive measures to show support will pay dividends in terms of quality of life and productivity.

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