How to Spot a Great Apartment

May 5, 2023

How to Spot a Great Apartment in London, Ontario

Finding the perfect apartment isn’t always easy if you don’t know the key features to look for. At Summit, we’ve been perfecting property management for decades, and we’re sharing some of our top considerations when searching for your next apartment to rent.

1. Location

In real estate, location is everything, and depending on your needs, the perfect location for your next apartment may vary. You’ll want to choose a place that resonates with you and what’s important to you. How close is it to your workplace or school, and is public transit accessible? Do you prefer a bustling downtown metropolis with easy access to nightlife and entertainment or a quiet, kid-friendly suburb with plenty of green space?

When you choose an apartment, you’re not just committing to the property but also to the neighbourhood surrounding it, so consider carefully.

2. Well-Maintained Property

When viewing an apartment, pay attention to how well-maintained the property is.

It should be neat and clean, with well-kept landscaping. No trash should be in the hallways or common areas, and the communal trash areas should be free of loose garbage or old furniture. The parking lot should be well-paved, with few potholes or signs of disrepair. If there are elevators, they should be clean and serviced regularly.

A well-maintained property demonstrates that management is committed to its care and responds to problems in a timely manner. It’ll save you unnecessary stress when you require repairs for your unit.

3. Amenities

A great apartment features great amenities like communal courtyards, swimming pools, greenspace, balconies, onsite laundry, onsite parking, and many more. Different properties have various amenities, so shop around for the combination that’s right for you.

At Summit, our properties feature must-haves like residents’ lounges, onsite exercise rooms, laundry facilities, air conditioning unit, and high-quality finishings that stand the test of time.

4. Security

Safety should be a top concern on any property. Inquire about security features such as an intercom system, auto-locked exterior doors, and surveillance cameras in common areas. Management should also post signs prohibiting trespassing and solicitation.

5. Great Management

A great property manager is integral to your search for the perfect apartment! Maintenance and security problems can often be avoided when a property is well-managed. Spend time getting to know your property management and asking questions about their operations. A great property manager will welcome your questions and have ready answers.

At Summit Properties, we manage all our properties in-house, giving our management style a personal touch. We strive to offer the best places to live in London, Ontario.

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