Why Location Matters When Apartment Searching

December 1, 2022

Skyline of London, Ontario

Searching for a new apartment can be a little intimidating. There are so many objectives that can make your list of priorities, such as up-to-date appliances and on-site amenities. However, one critical aspect to consider about any apartment is the geographic location. Take a closer look at why location matters when apartment hunting, and how to decide if a certain location is right for you.

Why Is Location Important for an Apartment?

Location is a major determining factor for how satisfied you will eventually be to live in a certain place. Whatever place you call home should be inviting, affordable for your budget, and generally a place you are happy to be. Geographic location can play a major role in things like overall financials, how comfortable you are in your home, and even your emotional well-being.

How to Decide If an Apartment’s Location Is Best for You

As you are evaluating different apartment options, consider all the factors that can be influenced by any specific apartment’s location.


Whether you commute to work or school, this is a trip you will likely make most days of the week. Therefore, look at the distance the apartment is from your workplace. Consider the route you will have to take, how long that commute time will be, and what type of transportation you will use to drive to and from work or school.


Every neighbourhood can have its own culture. For example, some areas can be more family-friendly, while others may be more centred around a younger demographic of residents. Visit the area. Look at the businesses and amenities in the area. Pay attention to the people you encounter during your visit, noise levels, and the overall impression you get.


How easy would it be for you to walk around the neighbourhood and access different amenities or businesses? Some apartment locations have nice sidewalks along city streets and multiple routes for pedestrians navigating to different points, while some locations may not.

Access to Amenities

Consider how close an apartment is to the places you visit the most. Destinations to think about include grocery stores, entertainment venues, places of worship, and restaurants. If an apartment is a long distance from the most frequented places, it may be inconvenient to live there.

Access to Downtown

Living downtown can be ideal for some people, but not everyone. For the most part, it can be nice to be close enough to downtown that you can access the area amenities but far enough away to distance yourself from excessive traffic, noise, and commotion.

Access to Public Transportation

Do you rely on public transportation? If so, this is important to consider when looking at apartment locations. For example, if you find an apartment that is several blocks from the nearest bus stop, but you normally travel by bus, this could be a problem once you move in.

Find Your Next Place to Call Home with Summit Properties

Finding the best location for your new apartment can be challenging as there is lots to consider. London, Ontario has many neighbourhoods to consider and offer many different amenities, culture, and walkability. Summit Properties has apartments for rent in some of London’s most desired neighbourhoods. Let us help you find your next apartment to call home. Contact us today to schedule a viewing of our available apartment rentals throughout London.