How Do You Measure Office Space?

October 22, 2021

Man using measuring tape to measure office space from Summit Properties

When you have your own business, you need an adequately sized office. You may start out with a relatively small one, but over time you may require a larger space to meet your needs. If you’re unaware of how to measure any office space you visit properly, the following tips can make it an easier process. 

Have an Understanding of Square Feet

In the Canada, space is measured by square feet. This is a square that measures one foot on each side, and it’s abbreviated as sq. ft. If you’re looking to buy or rent an office space, you’ll need to get used to this form of measurement. You can figure this out by bringing a tape measure when you stop by a commercial office space that you’re considering. This will help you determine the dimensions and if it is sufficient space for your operations. 

How to Calculate Usable Office Space

You might want to bring someone else with you so that you have some help to measure the dimensions of the room(s). However, you can do this on your own. It’s ideal if you measure virtually all the surfaces in the space and jot them down in a notebook.

Be sure that you find the exact measurement in inches. Take down notes of things that interrupt wall space, including the doorway and radiator as well as measurements on each side of these.

Measuring Differently Shaped Rooms

If it’s a room with an odd shape such as a circular room, this may be a bit complicated. In this instance, you’ll need to know some different formulas to determine how much space there actually is in the room. 

For a circular room, you’ll need to find the diameter (measurement of the length directly across it), then divide this number by two, multiply it by itself, then multiply the result of that by pi. Then, you’ll have your square feet figure (see formula breakdown below). 

Area (ft2) = Pi x (Diameter/2)^2 

Pi = 3.14 

Measuring the Square Footage of Office Walls is Important

You’ll also want to know the dimensions of the wall space. You can find the total wall space by multiplying the length times the height of each wall, then adding them together (see formula below). This will allow you to know how much paint, primer, and other materials you will need.

Area (ft2) = Length x Width

Many companies will list the square footage for the offices that they own or manage. Our team at Summit Properties can assist you in finding the right size commercial office space for your business’s needs. Contact us today at (519) 914-2766to get started!