How To Optimize Your Office For Collaboration

October 13, 2022

An office space that is optimized for collaboration

Taking steps to optimize an office for collaboration can be a game-changer for an organization. You and your staff typically spend 40 hours every week inside an office space. Maximizing the square footage to improve the office layout for communication makes the environment — and people — more productive. By that same token, a drab business space can inhibit creative energy and leave workers less than motivated.

It’s important to understand that a strategy to improve office collaboration tasks decision-makers with more than rearranging desks and adding a plant or two. You will likely need to design a floor plan, integrate new office furniture, and change the lighting in a way that invigorates your workforce.

The Benefits of Improving Office Collaboration and Communication

Business leaders do not necessarily need to throw caution to the wind to optimize an office for collaboration. Consider sitting down with your chief financial officer and hashing out a budget. There are plenty of reasonably priced desks and office products available to upgrade the environment. In fact, less can sometimes be more when developing an office layout for communication and improved collaboration. These rank among the key benefits associated with intelligent redesigns.

How to Optimize Your Office to Improve Employee Collaboration

Consider Diversifying the Office Layout

Sometimes companies select a single line of office furniture because it saves time and bulk purchases are less expensive. But choosing one type of office furniture to create a uniform setting generally does not invite productivity or improve office communication. Lines of identical cubicles can make employees feel like cogs in a corporate machine.

Establishing unique work areas by incorporating diverse products and layouts makes a workplace feel more like home. Consider creating sections with furniture for formal meetings as well as casual brainstorming sessions. Outfitting break rooms with comfortable sofas and chairs can feel welcoming. When people talk shop over lunch, they come up with great ideas.

Rethink Your Office Lighting

A bright office space

One of the things that too many work environments do not effectively prioritize involves lighting, particularly natural light. It’s no secret that everyday people struggle with shortened daylight hours during winter.  

Rather than reserve window views for executives, consider positioning your valued employees near natural light in a commercial office space that is inviting and warm. By doing this, organizations can anticipate improved energy, productivity, and collaboration. 

Consider Involving Staff Members in the Redesign

Studies indicate that employees feel more valued when they are asked for input. This may involve taking a poll about office furniture, lighting, colour schemes, and the break room. Industry leaders can create a short list of desks and chairs that fall within the budget. When workers sit at a workspace they select, the feeling of ownership usually leads to improved productivity, communication, and collaboration.

Summit Properties Helps Companies Optimize an Office for Collaboration

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