Signs You Are Outgrowing Your Current Office Space  

November 6, 2020

Signs You Are Outgrowing Your Current Office Space

Where you work is your home away from home of sorts. It’s the space where you and your employees gather for at least 40 hours a week, ideally working to grow a business and increase profits. But just as a family might outgrow a home over time, it’s also common for businesses to outgrow office space – and this isn’t necessarily a bad thing in the business world. That’s because if you’re outgrowing your office space, it means that you’re adding to your workforce to keep up with demand, and likely increasing your revenue in the process. But how do you know when it’s time to start looking for a bigger office space?  

1. Your Number of Employees is Growing 

If you started with only a handful of employees and are now up to several dozen, you’re obviously going to need to accommodate your growing workforce. It’s said that a successful young business will grow by about two employees every two years. In time, it’s clear that you’re eventually going to outgrow an office space if you continue at this pace. 

2. Meeting Space is Limited 

Every business needs conference rooms to conduct meetings that are separate from the rest of the office area. It’s these places where you can meet with clients and partners, and host confidential meetings that the rest of the office isn’t privy to. But if this crucial meeting space is starting to become limited, it could be time to look for an office upgrade. 

3. Storage Space is Limited 

Unless you’ve gone 100 percent digital, you’re going to need some space to store files, materials, supplies and more. And even if you’ve moved most of the paperwork to the cloud, you’re still going to need a place to house servers and the extensive infrastructure that supports such a system. If storage areas are starting to overflow, it’s likely time to look for a new office. 

4. There’s No Place for Workers to Unwind 

A part of ensuring that workers are comfortable at the office is ensuring that there are places for them to unwind and relax. The likes of break rooms, kitchen areas and common areas where they can step away from their desks for a few minutes are important. If you’re losing this kind of space or have eliminated it altogether to accommodate your growing workforce, it’s time to look for some new digs. 

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