Small Design Changes that Make a Big Impact in Your Office

May 18, 2023

Well-designed office space.

Looking to refresh your office space but not ready to commit to a full-scale renovation? Thankfully, there are plenty of small design changes that can make a big impact on your office, from switching up décor to replacing bulky furniture. At Summit Properties, our team can help you find that perfect space that you can shape to be the workspace you’ve always imagined. After all, well-designed offices make for happier employees and clients!

Refresh Your Artwork

Beautiful, vivid artwork brightens the office and catches the eye of employees and clients alike. Many offices get stuck in a rut of generic, boring artwork that is quickly forgotten and ignored.

Refreshing your artwork with interesting, colourful pieces that reflect the spirit of the company is an effective, low-cost way to add interest to your workspace and impress potential clients.

Eliminate Odours

There’s nothing worse than dealing with unpleasant odours when you’re trying to work, and some research shows that employees are more efficient when the air is pleasantly scented.

Using air fresheners is a great solution, but if this isn’t an option due to allergies or preferences, then investing in odour neutralizers also works to keep the office pleasant and odour-free for everyone.

Try Space-Saving Furniture

Cramped workspaces are uncomfortable, frustrating, and less productive. One of the ways you can free up space, or make the most of a smaller space, is to invest in space-saving furniture.

Large, bulky pieces can make your office feel much smaller than it really is. Ditch oversized furniture in favour of slimline standing desk units that maximize space for technology. Digitize files to cut down on the need for bulky file cabinets. Choose minimalist designs that can make a striking visual impact without taking up valuable floorspace.

Decorate to Suit Your Business

Inject some personality into your space by decorating according to the business you’re in. Using company logos and colours and integrating them with your office design is a great way to add personality and reinforce your brand, which is especially important for visiting clients.

Makeover the Break Room

The break room is where your employees eat, socialize, and unwind when they’re at work, and having a well-designed break room is key to letting your team relax after a busy, productive morning or before a big meeting.

Add new appliances like a coffee or espresso machine or vending machines. Have healthy snack options available, and proper dishware for employees to use. Offer entertainment options like TV or games for even more ways to help your team recharge.

Design Your Dream Office with Summit Properties

At Summit Properties, our in-house planning team is eager to work with you to establish the perfect office for your business. Our commercial property space planners work with your vision and budget to create a space that your team will love, and our in-house build team makes the magic happen. Contact us today to discuss your next dream office!