The Best Plants for Apartment Living

September 30, 2022

Plants in an apartment window

When living in an apartment without a backyard, it’s understandable to crave the results of gardening: beautiful, healthy plants that spruce up your living space. Thankfully, house plants are an excellent (and low maintenance) way to introduce some natural greenery into your home. A combination of selecting the right plants for apartment living and a little TLC ensures that you can enjoy their natural beauty and never slave away over an overgrown garden again.

Ideal Traits for Apartment Plants

The best plants for apartment living are low maintenance (so they don’t require much besides water), long-lived, quick to bounce back for those days you forget to water them, and don’t require a large amount of direct sunlight each day. They also don’t release strong fragrance via large flowers (which can be overpowering in smaller spaces) and are striking and unique to accent your home beautifully.

Best Plants for Apartment Living


A cactus in an apartment

Cacti are a classic choice for apartments for a reason—these adorably spiky plants are hardy since they’re native to desert climates. They come in a range of shapes and sizes, from the attractive to the absurd, and are always a conversation piece. They require minimal watering, though they should be placed by a window to provide adequate sunlight.


A succulent in an apartment

Another apartment classic, succulents are known for their beautiful blooming shape and their ability to survive virtually anything. Water and place them in the sun for a few days a month, and they’ll often thrive.

Peace Lilies

A peace lily in an apartment window

This elegant plant is surprisingly simple to care for, requiring minimal sunlight and watering. Simply place it in low-moderate light, water it when its leaves begin to droop and watch it grow. Its beautiful white flowers make for a stunning, low-maintenance showpiece.


A bamboo plant in an apartment

Needing only water and shade for its famous leaves, bamboo is the ultimate plant for apartment living due to its low upkeep.

Snake Plants

A snake plant in an apartment

Well-known as one of the easiest plants to care for, snake plants can tolerate many weeks of neglect without much fuss. On top of their minimal sunlight and water needs, they also act as natural air purifiers. Win-win!

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