What Should You Look for in an Office Space?

August 30, 2022

Employees working in an office space in a building owned by Summit Properties

When looking for office space, decision-makers are tasked with seeing beyond square footage and window views. Commercial office space must deliver one crucial thing above all others — success.

It may come as something of a surprise, but office leasing too often goes astray, and organizations quietly suffer due to unsuitable workspaces. A recent study indicates that half of the employees polled said their office had no personality and only 25% were proud to show friends and family members where they work. That’s why looking for office space that inspires and meets a company’s needs remains essential. These are things to consider when looking for office space.

Select Commercial Office Space in the Right Area

Companies looking for office space too often see cost as the only important factor. While monthly budgets are a very real concern, location remains inherently linked to success. Cheap office spaces are typically located in undesirable sections of a city. Setting up shop in a bad area makes clients and employees hesitant. It also sends a poor message about decision-making abilities and status.

Enter an Affordable Lease Agreement

Some people operate under the philosophy that expensive commercial office space will act like a magnet for new clients. While location resonates — to a large degree — spending too much does not necessarily fulfill the primary goal of an office space, success. It’s ideal for companies looking for office space to work with leasing professionals who can identify a budget-friendly and suitable location.

Size Definitely Matters

Commercial office spaces generally need to accommodate the entire workforce by providing reasonably spacious individual offices and conference rooms. It may also be worthwhile to think through the company’s expansion and growth in the context of the office leasing terms. Having room to grow helps avoid an unnecessary and otherwise avoidable relocation. The right-sized commercial office space is large enough to provide long-term location stability.

Look at Commercial Office Space with Advanced Infrastructure

Technology continues to rapidly change, and your operation may rely on a building’s infrastructure to accommodate next-gen systems. Just as the Internet helped level the playing field for many small, and mid-sized outfits to reach global customers, what comes next could radically change business strategies. When looking for an office space, ask yourself whether the building possesses the infrastructure capabilities needed to integrate cutting-edge technology.

Choose Commercial Office Space that Reflects Your Style

The fact that only one-in-four employees polled say they are proud to show off their corporate office is a telling statistic. Nondescript workspaces can have a cumulative effect on people who spend eight hours per day, five days a week in them. When looking for an office space, consider elements such as architecture, materials, window sizes, and views. Then think about whether you can make the commercial office space your own. An attractive place to work helps inspire people and make them proud to grow with your organization.

Looking for Office Space? Summit Properties Can Help

If you are looking for office space, Summit Properties helps businesses find opportunities for success. Our experienced team of professionals can help you discover top-tier commercial properties that will suit any organization’s needs. If you are considering leasing commercial office space, contact us today at (519) 914-2766 or email us at nadine@summitproperties.ca to get started!