Employees working in an office space in a building owned by Summit Properties

What Should You Look for in an Office Space?

When looking for office space, decision-makers are tasked with seeing beyond square footage and window views. Commercial office space must deliver one crucial thing above all others — success. It […]

Man and woman packing their apartment

How to Pack for a Move

At Summit, we’re all about raising your expectations, and we know you’ll love your new home with us—but first thing’s first, you have to move in! Moving is often cited […]

Couple looking at apartments to rent

Things to Look for When Renting an Apartment

Getting excited about renting a new apartment? Don’t jump in too quickly. There are some things you need to do before you make a final decision on which apartment is […]

Bedroom in an apartment from Summit Properties

Benefits of Apartment Living

As the cost of owning a home continues to increase, more people are turning to apartment living as an affordable alternative to eye-popping price tags. Owning a property has its […]

Person signing a lease for office space from Summit Properties

Is Leasing Considered an Asset?

Is a lease an asset? Opinions differ regarding this question. Some professionals focus on the cost of renting space and see it as a liability. That’s not an unreasonable position, […]

Differences between operating and finance leases – Summit Properties

The Differences Between Operating and Finance Leases

Decision-makers at established and startup companies are tasked with planning capital expenditures to grow their business. Understanding the differences and benefits of an operating lease compared to a finance lease […]

Benefits of a triple net lease – Summit Properties

The Benefits of a Triple Net Lease

Business leaders interested in renting commercial space may not always see the intrinsic value of a triple net lease. When compared to other types, a triple net lease feels like […]

Business owner after getting approved for a commercial lease

How Do You Get Approved for A Commercial Lease?

Entrepreneurs and experienced business professionals sometimes face overwhelming tasks when starting a new business. How to get approved for a commercial lease ranks among the critical first steps to ensure […]