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Common Terms in a Commercial Real Estate Lease – Summit Properties

Common Terms in Commercial Real Estate Leases

Entrepreneurs and seasoned businesspeople often encounter unfamiliar language that real estate professionals view as common terms in commercial leases. Often, commercial real estate lease terms can be somewhat difficult to […]

Signing a green lease agreement for a commercial property with Summit Properties

Things to Consider Before Signing a Green Lease

Green leases or green lease provisions are becoming more common in Ontario, with sustainability making its way into more commercial lease agreements. These green leases are a way for property […]

Tips for Renting Your First Office Space from Summit Properties

6 Things to Consider When Renting an Office Space

Your first office space will say a lot about your company. An office space reflects who your company is and can influence the perception and function of your company, so […]

Learn about the types of commercial leases in Ontario from the experts at Summit Properties

Types of Commercial Leases in Ontario

Leasing space for a new business is a big investment, so knowing the types of commercial leases is important. Different factors like the type of building, size, and type of […]

Interior design of a meeting room in an office

How to Decorate an Office On A Budget

Moving into a new office or reworking an existing space can get expensive. So what do you do if you have a tight or limited budget?  New or Used Office Furniture? The question of new […]

Hallway of a commercial building

Steps to Leasing a Commercial Property

Whether you’re just getting your business started or expanding from your existing space, leasing commercial property can be one of your biggest investments.  1. Understand Your Business Needs Taking time […]

View of employees working in an open-concept office space

How to Choose the Best Office Layout

Your office layout says more about your business than you may realize. It’s part of your brand identity; not just for your customers or clients but also for your employees. […]